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How to Make Money Online Blogging

If you really want to make money online blogging you should really take a look incorporating your blog with the phenomenon that is Twitter. There are various plug-ins for your blog that are available, which will post a tweet to your Twitter account every time a blog post is made.

At first glance you may not think that is very impressive, but if your aim is to earn money online blogging then this method really is worth it’s weight in gold and this is how it works. Firstly you will need to get followers to your Twitter account but at this stage you should be thinking about giving them useful information rather than thinking about how to make money online blogging. When you have built up a large following you should concentrate on monetising your blog whilst thinking about how to make money online blogging.

You should firstly make a few informative blog posts which will be broadcast to your followers and then you could recommend something with an affiliate link or two placed within it. Just imagine for one minute what effect this will have on your efforts to make money online blogging. When a message is broadcast to your followers, of which there could very well be thousands, there will be an influx of traffic to your blog, all of this traffic being highly qualified and interested in what you have to say. Many of these visitors will click on your affiliate link and when that happens you will be in a position where you really do know how to make money online blogging and what’s more, you will be able to do this over and over again.

Samantha Milner is a mother, Internet Marketer and the joint owner of her own internet marketing business called DSM Publishing. Samantha went full time as an internet marketer in 2005 and loves sharing her success and experience with others.

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